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Welcome. My name is John Dunlea. I am a lay Funeral Celebrant, trained and certified by the Irish Institute of Funeral Celebrants. My calling is to allow families to hold meaningful and authentic funerals for their loved ones. In collaboration we create a ceremony which reflects that person's life and honors their death, a ceremony which I deliver on the day of the funeral. My intention is always set on the needs of the family and on what will best serve them. The ceremony is not merely a fitting tribute but also a powerful opportunity for all those affected by the death to come together in support and community, an important part of the process of grieving.


Elements of the deceased's life are welcome in the ceremony: music, professional interests, hobbies. We are free to remember and celebrate as we see fit, bound only by respect for the memory of the one we have lost.

Read more about how a typical ceremony is put together here

John Dunlea, Lay Funeral Celebrant
John Dunlea 
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